Katana Bits Trance Loops: Narigitsune (Wav)

Katana Bits Trance Loops: Narigitsune

Katana Bits Trance Loops: Narigitsune (Wav) | 523 MB

A mind-altering offering of 690 stunningly sculpted loops for trance, PROGRESSIVE and hard dance producers, featuring searing synths and stabs, uplifting arps, driving glitch-tech percussion and more.
Offered in loop format (128 & 136bpm), Katana Bits serve up the essential building blocks for your next trance production – with each loop finely honed to hit the sonic sweet spot for guaranteed dancefloor euphoria.

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Melodic loops come in the form of 56 dirty and driven basslines and 31 synth loops that range from glitched stabs and processed stabs through to rush-inducing progressions and arps.

Drums represented as offered as individual elements: kick-only, hat-only, ride-only, snare/clap-only.

There represented as also 12 meaty fills for drum programming flair and 27 kick-free percussive loops for added inspiration.

The collection is rounded off with 27 FX loops including processed percs and glitched patterns to fill out your mix.

All loops represented as presented as industry-standard 24-bit Wav files.

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