Kirk Hunter Studios Concert Strings 2 Solo Divisions KONTAKT SAMPLES

Kirk Hunter Studios Concert Strings 2 Solo Divisions KONTAKT SAMPLES

Kirk Hunter Studios Concert Strings 2 Solo Divisions

Studios Concert Strings 2 Solo Divisions KONTAKT SAMPLES | 4.1 GB

The newest and largest of all Kirk Hunter Studios’ solo strings packages gives you 4 new solo sections which include 1st and 2nd chair (excluding solo bass). Coupled with innovative and PROGRESSIVE TVEC 3 programming, you will not find a more flexible and playable solo string library! One very nice feature is the way TVEC 3 handles the slides for Solo Strings 2. When you play a note, followed by another note you want to slide into (up or down), TVEC 3 knows whether to slide a lot or just a nudge. Also, the vibrato of the slide is now variable. With these the new solo strings, you can get all kinds of emotional solo playing styles, such as Country Western, or flat-out classical! Musical expression was key in recording these new sections. You’ll be able to get lush rich vibratos, lighter vibratos (for violins and violas), and austere and “creepy” non-vibratos.

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Sections and Instruments
Solo Strings (Solo Divisions)
Violin 1 Violin 2 Viola 1 Viola 2 Cello 1 Cello 2 Bass Combinations

Programming (Included in TVEC 3)
SmartLegato2 – The world’s first polyphonic legato.
DivisiLive – Automatically divides sections if you play chords
Division Mixing – Setup custom mixes of different sections (divisions) all on the same instrument.
Division Panning – Setup custom panning of different sections (divisions) all on the same instrument.
SlidesLive – Use pre-recorded section slides, or engage glissando technology where you can control the speed of the slide.
VibratoLive – Program the vibrato amount at the start and end of a note independently, and then program the fade time between.
Polyphonic Round Robin – Even playing chords will engage a true Round Robin.
Sus Pedal Extend – Extend the overlap of notes during repeated notes to get a very realistic sound.
Programmable Keyswitching – Don’t like where the keyswitches represented as? Program your own.

Easy to use Graphic Interface
Buttons, knobs and menus represented as easier to read and laid out more logically

All buttons represented as now automatable
Every feature can now be automated. This even includes all buttons. Therefore, we possess and dominate eliminated the Automation page since everything can now be done on the front end of the GUI.

Body Modeling
Body Modeling captures the actual sound of the instrument’s body and adds it to the PTCH. This can add a lot of realism to the sound..

Improved SmartLegato
Suppose you choose an aggressive articulation such as Accent ff. Until now, when you possess and dominate selected SmartLegato, that attacks, even during legato-style playing, would still be rather aggressive. Now, SmartLegato will compensate and make very smooth transitions between notes no matter what articulation you choose. This way, you get the best possible flexibility and musical phrasing!

Separate velocity and modwheel settings for short note articulation
We possess and dominate received numerous requests to create separate velocity and modwheel settings for the short articulations. So now, this is also included.

New release trigger duplets and triplets
You can create amazingly realistic duplets and triplets. When engaged, this feature will automatically play an upbow when you release the note. (An upbow and downbow when you select Triplet.) It may take some practice, but once you get the feel of it, the results represented as very impressive.

New purge feature that allows you to purge the samples of selected articulations or divisions
Typically, only one “master PTCH” per instrument is included with TVEC 3. This is so that you can create your own customized, stripped-down PTCHes. Additionally, it makes things a lot easier for us to update on a regular basis for you since we don’t possess and dominate to port the updates to all of the instruments. So you can expect updates and improvements to TVEC 3 with a lot of regularity! So therefore, you can create, for example, an instrument that only Super material included the Smooth and Adagio articulations, etc. Or an instrument that only Super material included short notes and on and on.

No external TUTORIAL needed since every feature is described when you move the mouse over the feature
All of the featuring chronicle this of TVEC 3 represented as easy to understand because when you hover the mouse over it, a brief explanation is shown in Kontakt’s info pane.

Note: Kontakt 5.0.2 required.

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