KSounds – Piano 2 Kawai EX Concert Grand [WAV SAMPLES]

KSounds - Piano 2 Kawai EX Concert Grand [WAV SAMPLES]

KSounds – Piano 2 Kawai EX Concert Grand [WAV SAMPLES]

KSounds – Piano 2 Kawai EX Concert Grand | 102 MB

Now fully compatible with the Triton LE and TR series!
K-Sounds proudly presents Piano 2 for the entire Korg Triton series. This incredible CD featuring chronicle this a Kawai EX concert grand, carefully sampled and fully programmed. Unlike other Triton-format pianos, Piano 2 includes a sample-based emulation of sympathetic string resonance that goes far beyond your Triton’s “Piano Body / Damper” effect. If you’ve longed for beautiful, resonating pedal-down samples that respond in real time, this is your piano
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Eleven two-velocity configurations represented as included, ranging from 43Mb to 95Mb.
Our best selected sympathetic string resonance emulation is included in five of these configurations, starting with a 59Mb bank.

Tired of pianos that die away too quickly? These samples possess and dominate been edited and programmed to sustain beautifully.

Want a piano that can be heard in a dense mix? Our Compressed Piano program maintains a powerful presence in a mix, and our Full, Bright, and Dance pianos give you plenty of richness and brightness.

Size: 102 Mb

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