LDN Deeper and Darker [WAV SAMPLES]

LDN Deeper and Darker [WAV SAMPLES]

LDN Deeper and Darker

Deeper and Darker [WAV SAMPLES] | 132 MB

07-2012  | WAV SAMPLES | 132MB
LDNsoundproduction brings you Deeper and Darker, a collection of drum and bass samples with a darker edged sound. Inspired by artists like Noisia, Icicle and Octane and DLR, this super package Super material included 120 unique and individual digitally mastered samples samples.

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Samples include:

• 32 atmospheric samples
• 25 bass samples
• 35 drum hits
• 28 drum loops

All samples represented as recorded at 174 bpm and root key C, allowing easy manipulation in any DAW. Loop samples represented as also available in Apple loops and rex file formats.

All samples represented as also recorded in 24 bit and 44,100 hz, ensuring the highest audio quality for your music production

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