LDN Ghetto Blaster

Ghetto Blaster [WAV SAMPLES-REX-AIFF] | 224 MB

07-2012 | WAV SAMPLES-REX-AIFF | 224MB
LDNsoundproduction presents sample super package no. 2: ‘Ghetto Blaster’. This super package takes you back the to sampling culture of Hip-Hop, influenced by the sounds of the early to mid 90’s, and artists like Mobb Deep, Nas and Naughty by Nature.

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Ghetto Blaster featuring chronicle this 115 digitally mastered hits and loops, in WAV SAMPLESE(24bit, 44,100Hz), REX and Apple Loop formats. Suitable for use in any DAW, including Logic, Reason, Ableton Live, Pro Tools, FruityLoops, Cubase and ACID.

Samples include:

• 20 Drum Loops
• 30 Individual drum hits
• 20 Instrument loops
• 20 Individual sample hits
• 10 vocal cuts
•15 bass hits and loops

This super package is ideal for rappers and mcs who want to piece together tracks quickly, or producers who want to improve their sound library.

All samples recorded at 97 bpm, and all bass and instrument loops recorded in E minor chord. Use your audio editor or sampler to change the tempo, or transpose the note accordingly.

Download  LDN Ghetto Blaster [WAV SAMPLES-REX-AIFF]
http://pasteclik.org/42/LDN-Ghetto-Blaster–WAV SAMPLES-REX-AIFF-.html

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