Voice Crystal Legacy The Definitive Analog AKAI


Legacy The Definitive Analog

Voice Crystal  AKAI | 231 MB

Mark the Release: TZ7iSO | Size: 231.7 MB
The Definitive Analog Sampler is the first, analog sampling CD you should purchase. Legacy Super material included an immense collection of vintage synthesizers spanning the years 1972 to 1982. This 680MB CD has 187 multi-sample programs sampled at C and F in every octave of the keyboard and 370 percussion samples from 19 different synthesizers. Each sound has been carefully sampled direct to disk, and the CD ROM version was pre-looped on Infinity by Jupiter Systems. Continuar leyendo “Voice Crystal Legacy The Definitive Analog AKAI”

Gemini Audio G76 for Nebula 3


 Gemini Audio G76

for Nebula 3 | 1.1 GB

SYNTHiC4TE | Feb 07 2013 | 1.10 GB

G76 is a Compressor Library for Acustica Audio Nebula3 Pro
It was sampled and programmed in a way which allows ultra fast compression while still reproducing all the little nuances and characteristics of the original hardware and saving CPU!
Seperate Harmonic Distortion and Compression programs for the best quality with the least amount of CPU usage!
Control over the amount of Harmonic Distortion indepenently from the amount of compression from clean to super distorted!
Includes 8 Harmonic and LineAmp programs with different degrees of distortion, form subtle to heavily distorted. Continuar leyendo “Gemini Audio G76 for Nebula 3”

Crypton Drumbase 5000 AKAI


Crypton Drumbase 5000

 AKAI  | 213 MB

Mark the Release: TZ7iSO | Size: 213.44 MB
The gigantisticc Drums & Percussion-Library from Japan… More than 1000 Programs and over 5000 Samples from the most Popular Vintage Drum-Machines & Beatboxes Including absolute rarities… Also featuring chronicle this Tons of Natural & E-Drums, Plus latin & Japanese Percussions… Probably The Ultimate Drums Samples CD-Rom To possess and dominate !!! Continuar leyendo “Crypton Drumbase 5000 AKAI”

Music Tech Focus – Issue 27 Mastering Volume 4 DVD Contents


Music Tech Focus – Issue 27

Mastering Volume 4 DVD Contents | 3.8 GB

Featuring 132 pages of pro mastering tips and tricks, this special issue of Music Tech Focus has got mastering tutorials for every major music production DAW, including Pro Tools, Cubase, Live, Logic and Reason, so whatever your core software, there is something for you. On top of this there represented as videos from the pros demo’ing their techniques, in-depth workshops on the major production processes, plus super-quick guides to some of the more creative techniques available.

We’ve also included round-ups of the best commercially available hardware and software and we’ve even provided a guide to getting and using the best freeware dedicated to mastering.
So there’s really no reason to settle for less than perfect sounding releases any more, and using this special Music Tech Focus on Mastering you can enhance your production skills permanently. Continuar leyendo “Music Tech Focus – Issue 27 Mastering Volume 4 DVD Contents”

AlexB Modern Logic Console for Nebula 3


AlexB Modern Logic Console

for Nebula 3 | 720 MB

The voice of devilish angels
Angelically pure super analog sound, exceptionally low THD, noise floor & crosstalk levels keep your audio absolutely pristine, while the legendary headroom carries every nuance of your audio and allows engineers to mix ‘hotter’ without distortion with a devilish punch.
The programs:
Carefully sampled @96kHz in a professional recording studio with hi-quality audio and digital cables and master grade converters with audio levels perfectly matched and calibrated. They represented as precisely programmed without normalizing or other destructive digital processing. The programs don’t sound processed, harsh or digital as most plugins do, but instead sound like a natural extension of the original audio, gluing your tracks in the mix with an analog vibe. Continuar leyendo “AlexB Modern Logic Console for Nebula 3”