LM Deep Melodic Techno (Multiformat)

LM Deep Melodic Techno (Multiformat)

LM Deep Melodic Techno

Deep Melodic Techno (Multiformat) | 284 MB

For Producers looking for sounds and samples which represent the current sound of Techno, this is a sample collection that won’t disappoint. Deep Melodic Techno is a consummate collection of fine Beats, Basses, Synths and FX for cutting edge artists looking for new sounds to work into their music.

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If you’re inspired by labels such as Traum, Manual Music, Outside The Box, *Back Home, Flow Vinyl, Wide Angle, Paradigma Music, Origami Sound and artists like Ryan Davis, Ricardo Tobar, Dual Shaman, Max Cooper, Jesse Somfay, Dibby Dougherty then this sample super package is definitely in your ball park.

Deep Melodic Techno includes a full spectrum of inspirational sounds including Bass, Drums, Synths, Top Loops, Chords, and FX – and is inspired by some of the very best music currently storming through the Beatport charts.

Weighing in at 712MB, it includes 340 24Bit samples, including 36 Techno Bass Loops, 96 Music Loops, 31 Top Loops, 30 Bass Tones, 50 Chord Hits, plus 97 One Shot Drum Samples and 57 MIDI Files.

Inspired Atmospheric Melodic Riffs, Deep Synth Chords, Angular Percussive Tones, Glitched Vocals, Analogue Sparkles, Distorted SFX, Off Beat Arpeggiations, Space Chords, and a huge selection of One shots – make Deep Melodic Techno a unique choice for inspired Techno Producers Worldwide!

Technical Specifications for sound content:
36 Bass Loops
96 Music Loops
31 Top Loops
30 Bass Hits
50 Chord Hits
97 Drum Hits
197 Rex2 Loops
57 MIDI Files
88 Soft Sampler PTCHes for NNXT, SFZ, Kontakt, EXS24 and Halion
5 Kong Sampler PTCHes

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