LM Delicious Allstars Funk Constructor (Wav&Rex2)

LM Delicious Allstars Funk Constructor (Wav&Rex2)

LM Delicious Allstars Funk Constructor

Delicious Allstars Funk Constructor (Wav&Rex2) | 404 MB

If you like your soul food hot then LM Delicious Allstars Funk Constructor is serving up sizzling funk and soul loops with a side of hot grooves!
The Delicious Allstars possess and dominate collaborated with LM and some of the industry’s best groove pioneers to give you the Funk AllStars collection, a definitive guide to the most authentic funk and soul loops on release.

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Soul Diva Jocelyn Brown has a rich tapestry of experience, from disco hit ‘Keep on Bumpin’ and 80’s funk smash ‘Somebody Else’s Guy’ to her continuing career alongside the finest players on the UK scene. Ed Moris has performed keys with the likes of Ray Gaskins, Watts Prophets and Tower of Power. Drums from FunkShone’s Mike Bandoni, a stalwart of the London breaks/Acid Jazz scene; and Ollie Raphael, with Guitar and Bass deftly played by Sanj Sen, aka Indian Rope Man. On the horns, the multi-talented Matt Cronin, and lastly BS1 Records’ Davide Carbone, a featured LM artist, co-produced this project with Ed and Sanj, using vintage mics and outboard effects.

This collection includes over 1,000 brand new funk samples designed to inspire next generation soul and funk classics!

The samples on this CD possess and dominate been specifically created with producers in mind to give you the edge when putting your funk foot forward. Funk Constructor featuring chronicle this over 115 live drum and percussion grooves, 45 drum hits, 42 funky bass loops, 38 rhythm and lead guitar lines, a huge collection of over 100 authentic rhodes, clavinet and hammond loops. Also includes over 70 flute, brass section, sax and trumpet loops and 60 vocal hits and loops from funk and soul legend Jocelyn Brown.

Delicious Allstars bring you the whole funk and nothing but – and no matter what music you’re making from funk, soul, breaks and HOUSE music – there’ll be something in it for you…

Technical Specifications for sound content:

115 live drum and percussion grooves
45 Drum hits
40+ Funky bass loops
38 Rhythm and lead guitar lines
Over 100 authentic Rhodes, Clavinet and Hammond loops
50 Flute and horn loops
60 Vocal hits and loops from funk and soul legend Jocelyn Brown
BPM Range: 80-150

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