LM DJ Mixtools 30 – Complextro [WAV SAMPLES-LIVE PRESETS]

LM DJ Mixtools 30 - Complextro [WAV SAMPLES-LIVE PRESETS]

LM DJ Mixtools 30 – Complextro

DJ Mixtools 30 – Complextro [WAV SAMPLES-LIVE PRESETS] | 653 MB

DJ MIXTOOLS from LM is a new concept for forward-thinking DJs and live artists. Imagine buying a track but then being able to separate that track into its key elements and having Free all right, For your Productions access to remix, effect, chop and loop the parts in your own individual style to create an exciting and refreshing new mix…

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COMPLEXTRO VOL 1 is a fresh collection of broken down tracks which represented as inspired by artists such as Wolfgang Gartner, Porter Robinson, Mord Fustang to name but a few

LM producer UTKU S who is known internationally for his fantastic sounding and technical productions has created a unique and best selected collection of COMPLEXTRO tracks which represented as broken down into PROGRESSIVE stems allowing you to mix, remix, loop and add that ultra-cool groove element to your set.

Offering new and exciting possibilities for studio production and live performance, these tools give a DJ the ability to essentially remix live and essentially raises the bar for tools a DJ has at his disposal to work a crowd. Producers will also find these long evolving loops and bonus one shots invaluable in their studios to create new tracks and form the basis for remixes and new music.

COMPLEXTRO VOL 1 includes 4 Fully Mixed tracks and 64 long evolving stems, plus 52 Bonus Sounds to complement the packs – all at 128 Bpm in the Key of G

Each super package is created by some of the most respected producers in the scene professionally mastered using state of the art analogue EQ, compression and limiting. All DJ MIXTOOLS represented as Free all right, For your Productions meaning they can be legally released as part of a fresh production.

Technical Specifications for sound content:

• 4 Full Complextro Tracks
• All DJ Mix Stems Provided
• Evolving 24Bit 16 and 32 bar Loops
• Fully Mastered Ready for Clubs
• Locked Groove (Bass and Drums)
• Breakdowns
• Top Loops
• FX Loops
• Percussion Loops
• Drum Loops
• Chords and Musical Stems
• Bonus One Shot FX and Loops
• Free all right, For your Productions
• Ableton Live Compatible
• DJ Live Set Included For Ableton 7.0.2+ (Full super package Only)

Download LM DJ Mixtools 30 – Complextro [WAV SAMPLES-LIVE PRESETS]

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