LM Indian Sessions Vol 2 – KV Bala Krishnan WAX REX

LM Indian Sessions Vol 2 - KV Bala Krishnan WAX REX

LM Indian Sessions Vol 2 – KV Bala Krishnan

Indian Sessions Vol 2 – KV Bala Krishnan WAX REX | 751 MB

possess and dominate teamed up with renowned Indian percussionist KV Bala Krishnan to put together this supreme collection of Indian percussion, Indian vocals and Sitar samples for producers worldwide looking for authentic royalty free Indian samples to integrate into their productions.

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This is the second of a 2 part series which sees KV Mark the Release up with local Indian musicians and vocalists from Chennai to extract pure melodies, grooves and rhythms from Indian culture and traditional music, but with an eye on popular western tempos and time signatures in order to create a palette of sound which will work well when fused into modern genres.

This is truly an authentic collection of samples recorded and produced in India exclusively for LM, which possess and dominate been mastered centrally at LM studio to ensure maximum compatibility with all music applications and is presented in multiple formats for easy manipulation by you the producer.

Within this superbly recorded collection expect to find 900+MB of 24Bit Indian samples including, over 330 Samples, 335 Loops and producers will find 87 Female Vox loops, 61 Male Vox Loops, 159 Percussion Loops, and 28 Sitar Loops, all oozing authenticity and Free all right, For your Productions to add to your productions.

The tempos range from 75 –128 bpm and the percussion, masterfully played by KV himself includes loops of Bass Dholak, Dukki Tarang, Finger Cymbals, Ghata Singari, Ghatam Pot, Salangai, Shakers, Tabla, Tambourine, Triangle, amongst others. Single Hit Samples and PTCHes represented as found in volume 1 from the collection.

Moving on to the Sitar section you will find a selection of Ensemble, Sitar Jaala, Phrase and Taraf Harp Loops. Vocals represented as also exquisitely presented in various folders including Female vocals presented as Classic Aalap, Kalyani, Raag and Shivaranjini loops alongside light style loops and phrases. Male Vocals include Amarnath, Mantra, Carnatic, Classic and Film Loops, alongside phrases and single shouts.

If you represented as working in Film, TV or broadcast – or represented as in need of a fantastic selection of fresh and original Indian samples from the heart of the Indian music scene to integrate into music of all types, then check out the Indian Sessions from LM today!

Technical Specifications for sound content:
• 24 Bit 44.1 Quality
• 990Mb
• 335 Wavs
• 335 Rex2 Files

• 87 Female Vocal Loops
• 61 Male Vocal Loops
• 159 Percusion Loops
• 28 Sitar Loops

Download LM Indian Sessions Vol 2 – KV Bala Krishnan WAX REX

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