LM Lounge Chillout [WAV SAMPLES]

LM Lounge Chillout [WAV SAMPLES]

LM Lounge Chillout

Lounge Chillout [WAV SAMPLES] | 400 MB

The perfect lounge and chillout sample CD of single samples, lounge loops, ambiences, soft pad samples, live and synth bass, special fx samples, percussion loops, soft key grooves and live samples to create the next generation of lounge and chilled out tracks.

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Sublimely played drums and percussion, variations and single hit samples allow total flexibility whilst the instrument loops inspire and encourage experimentation.

If the music of Morcheeba, Zero-7 and Aim represented as your thing alongside rougher edged Kruder and Dorfmeister type smoking tracks then you possess and dominate come to the right place!

The Sample CD featuring chronicle this live played drum loops superbly recorded with pan and light eq/fx, percussions and hit samples from real instruments, ethereal and lush pad and multi samples, instrument parts, live bass loops, variations, percussive samples, special fx versions, basic dubs.

Genres: Chillout, Downtempo, Electronica, Hip-Hop, Origin Series, World, Keyboards.

400 mb (600 mb)

LM Lounge Chillout [WAV SAMPLES]
http://pasteclik.org/2259/LM-Lounge-Chillout–WAV SAMPLES-.html

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