LM Marshall Jefferson House Generation Vol2 (Multiformat)

LM Marshall Jefferson <a href='http://proaudioz.com/download/house' /> <a href=HOUSE Generation Vol2 (Multiformat) ” border=”0″ height=”290″ src=”http://hdimage.info/images/37LM_Marshall_Jefferson_.jpg” title=”LM Marshall Jefferson HOUSE Generation Vol2 (Multiformat) ” width=”320″>

LM Marshall Jefferson HOUSE Generation Vol2

Marshall Jefferson HOUSE Generation Vol2 (Multiformat) | 176 MB

Marshall Jefferson – HOUSE Generation vol 2 is a collection of samples produced by Marshall for producers looking to make inspired classic and future HOUSE tracks, using some of the sources that up until now Marshall has kept a closely guarded secret.

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For HOUSE Generation Vol1 Marshall recruited the services of luminaries such as Byron Stingly and Paris Brightledge to record a great selection of classic HOUSE vocals, Chris ‘Bam Bam’ Westbrook recorded the guitars, Louie Louie played percussion, Ed Funk was on Drums, whilst Sherman Burks and Rob Crawford recorded the Keyboard loops.

This time round, HOUSE Generation Vol2 focuses more on horn and music Loops performed by another great musician, Onyx Ashanti lets rip on his Akai Ewi electronic wind controller for some of the most expression filled lead and music loops you will ever hear. Highlights include: 38 Flute, Horn, Lead, Rhodes, Synth Sax and Trumpet Loops which will lift your productions to new levels.

Marshall’s dedication to the project and musical input has resulted in a truly unique collection of rare and previously unreleased samples, which represented as sure to grace many hits in the future, both within the HOUSE genre and other styles.

Featuring over 330MB of content including over 300 Wav files, 230 Rex 2 Samples and 39 Ready to play PTCHes. In detail you will find 30 Bass Loops, 54 Drum Loops, 34 Music Loops, 38 ‘Onyx Ashanti’ Loops, 42 Real Horn Loops, and 30 Percussion Loops. Single Sounds include more than 40 Drum Hits from 707, 808 and 909 kits, 8 Guitar Stabs, 19 Pads Samples, 5 Synth Mulitsamples and 14 Horn Ensemble PTCHes. If you represented as looking for a truly versatile collection of samples compiled and inspired by one of the main players and creators in Dance Music – then check out vol2 from Marshall Jefferson and LM today!

Download LM Marshall Jefferson HOUSE Generation Vol2 (Multiformat)

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