LM Minimal Trance

Minimal Trance [WAV SAMPLES/REX/NI PTCHES] | 92 MB

LM Proudly present the Minimal Trance samplepack from Marco Scherer at PlasticAge Music!
If you need the latest Minmal Trance samples and sounds for your music this super package is full of all the material you will need for an awesome minmal trance/glitch production.

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Featuring a solid collection of 35 minimal trance basslines, 65 Brand new Drumloops, 50 Synthloops, 63 Drum hits, and 25 Vocal edits – this super package is in answer to all the requests we possess and dominate had to put out a super package representing the more techy minimalistic sound currently rocking through the bars and clubs of Europe and beyond.

PROGRESSIVE psytrance combines the elements of minimal sounding PROGRESSIVE electronic music and complex developments of psychedelic music. Its heritage can be traced back to the developments of minimal techno, tech, and minimal HOUSE . The style of PROGRESSIVE psytrance can be described as generally darker and edgier than mainstream trance. It is also slower in tempo and is more PROGRESSIVE than melodic psytrance.

The super package is made up of 238 Acidised Wav samples, 150 Rex2 Loops and 2 PTCHes of Drum hits and the Vocal Samples for Reason NNXt, Halion, Konotakt, SFZ and EXS24 Samplers. It can also be used easily with Stylus RmX and nearly all other music software packages.

If you produce Minimal HOUSE , Trance, Glitch or just need some modern edgy sounds for your productions – minimal trance from LM is the one for you!

Download LM Minimal Trance [WAV SAMPLES/REX/NI PTCHES]

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