LM Pete Lockett World Percussion | WAV SAMPLES/REX

LM Pete Lockett World Percussion

LM Pete Lockett World Percussion

Pete Lockett World Percussion | WAV SAMPLES/REX | 599 MB

‘Pete Lockett: World Percussion’ combines the sounds of authentic world percussion instruments, with a modern and pristine production style, all performed by one of the most respected percussionists in on the scene today. Available in ACID and Apple Loops. This sample super package is a detailed glimpse into the world of session percussionist Pete Lockett. Pete has laid down grooves for the stars, including Peter Gabriel, Jeff Beck, Bjork, Amy Winehouse, Texas, Robert Plant, Damien Rice, Pet shop boys and many more. He also arranged and recorded all the ethnic percussion on the last five Bond 007 movies.

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He is one of the most versatile multi-percussionists in the world, having immersed himself in percussion and drums from every part of the globe, from Indian to Arabic and from Japanese to Latin. His trade mark is to combine all these influences into a new World percussion sound which sits perfectly within modern Western music styles.

This Free all right, For your Productions percussion sample super package Super material included everything from Japanese Taiko to Indian Tabla, from groovy funk Bongos to Arabic darabouka and frame drums.

The download is divided into two sections. Firstly the ‘GROOVE SETS’ section which covers five popular tempos, 70, 90, 110, 130 and 170 BPM. For each tempo there represented as numerous percussion sets broken down into their individual loops.

Secondly the individual instrument section has numerous loops at various tempos on instruments such as Bongos, Tabla, Cajon, Clay pot etc. Also featured is a special top end section which covers shakers, tambourines and Triangle along with a folder of ‘swishes’ and ‘Airtoesque’ sound effects.

Specifically, producers can expect to find 930Mb of 24Bit Percussion Samples including 450 loops including a huge variety of expertly played and recorded percussion to be used in all manner of music styles.

David Arnold, composer for last five 007 Movies says: “I possess and dominate used Pete on many of my Hollywood film scores and am always impressed with the range of sounds and grooves he creates. His ability to make ethnic drums sit comfortably in any setting makes the process so much easier. He has a great, creative, percussive mind who consistently improves any idea you throw at him”

Craig Armstrong, who has worked on Moulin Rouge, Incredible Hulk and numerous Hollywood hits: “Pete is one of the most talented percussionists in the World. Pete is an amazing addition to any film score”.

Technical Specifications for sound content:

• 932 MB
• 24 Bit Quality
• 70 – 170 BPM
• 455 Acidized WAV SAMPLESs
• 403 Rex2 Loops
• Apple Loops format available as a seperate super package

Sound Categories:

Percussion Sets @ 70 BPM
Percussion Sets @ 90BPM
Percussion Sets @ 110 BPM
Percussion Sets @ 130 BPM
Percussion Sets @ 170 BPM
Arabic Percussion Set @ 126 BPM

Individual Instrument Folders:

01 – Agogo, Finger Cymbals & Bells
02 – Bongo
03 – Brushed Bass Doumbek
04 – Cajon
05 – Congas
06 – Ghatam (C Pitch)
07 – Metal Castanets
08 – Shakers
09 – Tabla
10 – Tambourine
11 – Triangle
12 – Swish Sound Effects

Download LM Pete Lockett World Percussion | WAV SAMPLES/REX

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