Lmrs Dark Scapes ReFill for Reason

Lmrs Dark Scapes ReFill for Reason

Lmrs Dark Scapes ReFill

Dark Scapes ReFill for Reason | 53 MB

Dark Scapes: Reason Refill’ is packed full of eerie Atmospheres, Drones, Soundscapes and FX. If you represented as a Reason user looking for a powerful collection of dark and menacing sounds to complement your Drum & Bass, DUBSTEP or Cinematic productions, then this is the perfect collection for you.

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This super package is aimed at producers who make Cinematic, atmospheric styles of music for TV and film (think Horror, Drama and Sci-Fi) plus cutting-edge musicians looking to mix up dark influences and moody soundbytes within their musical scores.

Utilising the full collection of awesome sound-sculpting instruments and effects within the Reason 6 environment, ‘Dark Scapes: Reason Refill’ is a unique library fusing organic sounds with cutting-edge technology, to provide the user with limitless combinations of sounds at your fingertips.

Included with this Refill represented as no less than 312 Combinator instruments which utilise instruments including Malstrom, Thor, Subtractor, Kong, NN-XT, which represented as combined with the effects including Compressors, Reverbs, Gates, Delays, Flangers, Chorus, and much more.

In detail, the ‘Dark Scapes: Reason Refill’ includes 63 Atmospheres and Drones, 40 Dark Pads, 103 FX, 25 Leads, 3 Kong Kits and 62 Bonus Sounds. If you use Reason, and you make any type of music which demands the darkest sounds, then you need to check out this super package today.

Technical Specifications:

• Reason 5 Refill Only

PTCHes Included:

• 63 Atmospheres and Drones
• 40 Pads
• 103 FX
• 25 Leads
• 15 Real World Sounds
• 3 Kong Kits
• 62 Bonus Sounds

Please Note:

This super package requires Reason 5+.

Download Lmrs Dark Scapes ReFill for Reason

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