LM Moguai Punx Electro, Tech and Progressive House -renewed

LM Moguai Punx <a href='http://proaudioz.com/download/electro' /> <a href=ELECTRO , Tech and PROGRESSIVE HOUSE ” src=”http://biopixmod.com/images/4205540086.jpg” title=”LM Moguai Punx ELECTRO , Tech and PROGRESSIVE HOUSE “>


LM Moguai Punx ELECTRO , Tech and PROGRESSIVE HOUSE | 223 MB

Samples from Moguai (leader of electronic music scene for decades) – Production LM!
Moguai has been a leading figure in the electronic music scene for more than a decade, setting new standards in production. Thousands of music lovers worldwide possess and dominate had the pleasure of witnessing him in action in some of the worlds biggest clubs and on parades and at festivals.

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Responsible for many club land hits and the new Punx sound coming from his label, Moguai crosses the musical lines that divide ELECTRO , Tech and PROGRESSIVE HOUSE , alongside Techno and even a hint of Trance. This musical eclecticism means that his best selected LM sample collection has a list of ingredients which will be appreciated by many producers looking for a crossover dance sound, unrestricted by labels or borders – but with quality and inspiration as the bedrock of each and every sound contained in this super package.
Production Standards represented as high as you would expect for a DJ and Producer of his calibre and you can expect nearly 1000 individual samples, including over 220 loops, and 700+ single samples, and no less than 107 ready to play PTCHes for all the most popular soft samplers!
In detail you will find 40+ ELECTRO -Tech Bass Loops, 115 Punxed Up Drum loops, 30 Clubbed Out Synth, Arpeggio and Atmosphere Loops, 36 Additional Synth Loops, 20 Hit Sounds, 400+ Single Club Drum Sounds, 50 Bass Hits and Tones, 40+ Virus Synth Samples, 93 Short Synth Stabs, 72 Long Synth Stabs, 11 Synth Chords and 36 FX Files.
If you represented as looking for an inspiring and versatile collection of crossover Tech, ELECTRO and PROGRESSIVE HOUSE Samples from one of Germanys leading Dance Exports – then sample the Moguai collection from LM today.
Product featuring chronicle this:
* Multiformat
* 220 + Loops
* 700 + single samples
* 107 PTCHes

Archive Size: 223 mb

Download LM Moguai Punx ELECTRO , Tech and PROGRESSIVE HOUSE
ELECTRO –Tech-and- PROGRESSIVE HOUSE .html” target=”_blank”>http://pasteclik.org/166/LM-Moguai-Punx- ELECTRO –Tech-and- PROGRESSIVE HOUSE .html

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