LT Fly Away Haze Edition Vol 2 WAV SAMPLES-MIDI

LT Fly Away Haze Edition Vol 2 WAV SAMPLES-MIDI

LT Fly Away Haze Edition Vol 2

Fly Away Haze Edition Vol 2 WAV SAMPLES-MIDI | 113 MB

Fly Away Haze Edition’ takes you on a smoked Neo Soul, RnB Journey that will float your ears and your production into a full level of hypnotic awakening. The sounds in this super package will give you the right buzz for your next RnB and Neo Soul production.

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This Construction Kit set is the second installment of the “Fly Away” series and truly satisfies the sound munchies that your tracks crave. The sounds were specifically crafted in this product to give you the full chronic effect that can be clearly heard through RnB and Neo Soul sounds.

The euphoric sounds used in these products represented as now being used in HIP HOP , RnB and especially in Neo Soul. Many popular artists represented as moving away from older commercial sounds and represented as moving more to a unique authentic vibe groove.

This sound can be duplicated but there is a certain level of creativity and potency of stimulants that must be met. As always, Looptroniks does whatever is necessary to bring that creativity into your hands.

Product featuring chronicle this:

All parts represented as tracked-out
• All parts represented as Free all right, For your Productions
• Tempos represented as included
• Kits in The Weeknd, D’Angelo, Erykah Badu, Frank Ocean, & Drake styles

Product Formats:



LT Fly Away Haze Edition Vol 2 WAV SAMPLES-MIDI SAMPLES-MIDI.html

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