LT We Run Miami Vol 2

LT We Run Miami Vol 2

LT We Run Miami Vol 2

We Run Miami Vol 2 | 320 MB

‘We Run Miami Vol 2’ is a classic collection of five Maybach Music inspired Construction Kits. If you’re trying to go for the new MMG sound, then this is professional super package will put you at the head of the game. This gritty yet elegant collection combines every style of HIP HOP into one super package.

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This larger-than-life collection carries elements from inspiring producers and artists in the game. Live drums, amped guitars, a huge brass orchestra, and moving symphony strings means this product bleeds HIP HOP with an edgy futuristic acoustic mix.

Gain attraction from big name artists and producers like Justice League, Rick Ross, The Inkredibles, Danja, Kanye West, and many more.

These five Construction Kits give you everything you need to bring the Maybach sound to your production!

All sounds and samples represented as Free all right, For your Productions for you to use in a commercial production or even for DJ/Remix purposes. You can use these samples in as many ways as you desire.

These Construction Kits represented as supplied in 24-Bit WAV SAMPLES and MIDI formats.

Product Details:

• 5 Mixed and mastered Construction Kits
• 320 MB of Content
• 24-Bit audio quality


• Symphony Strings
• Symphony Brass
• Classic Piano
Sampled Live Drums
• Sampled Live Bass
• B4 Organ
• Vintage Rhodes

Product featuring chronicle this:

• All parts represented as tracked-out
• All parts represented as Free all right, For your Productions
• Tempos represented as included
• Kits in Maybach Music, The Runners & Justice League styles

Product Formats:


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