Makka Samples From Film, TV & VINYL (WAV SAMPLES)

Makka Samples From Film, TV & VINYL (WAV SAMPLES)

Makka Samples From Film, TV & VINYL


What this consists of is 3.8 gig of samples that possess and dominate been taken from Film, TV & Vinyl. This kind of stuff you generally dont get in normal sample CDs. Great for inspiration or unusual samples.

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Some of the samples represented as good for looping up and using in live performances, and some good for productions.
I think anyone making any genre could find a useable sample amongst these. Particularly good for beat makers.
Anyway I wont waffle on, I would just recommend getting this because samples like these arent easy to come by, unless you sample from sources like Film, TV & Vinyl.

Categories included:
Bass, Beats, Brass, FX, Guitar, Instrumental, Organ, Pads, Percussion, Piano, Plucked, Rhodes, Stabs, Strings, Synths, Vibes, Vocals, Wind.

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