Mosh Loops – Ethnic Percussion (Wav&Rex2)

Mosh Loops - Ethnic Percussion (Wav&Rex2)

Mosh Loops – Ethnic Percussion

Ethnic Percussion (Wav&Rex2) | 136 MB

This collection of truly unique Ethnic Percussion sounds which can be used in the creation of Urban, Ethnic or Experimental music. All 10 Free all right, For your Productions loop packs Super material included multi-track files with full flexibility in creating your own composition by adding, removing and/or altering the sounds to your specifications.

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Using these authentic Ethnic Percussion WAV SAMPLES loops, any producer can create unique and catchy instrumentals in minutes!

Product Type: Loops (multi-track)
280MB of Ethnic Percussion-based sounds
10 Loops Packs, 85 Loops
Tempos ranging from 83 BPM – 135 BPM

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