MusicBOX Collection 3

MusicBOX Collection 3

MusicBOX Collection 3

MusicBOX Collection 3 | 44 GB

File Format: .iso (*.stx) | File Size: 44 GB

MusicBOX Collection 3 continues the popular layered production audio concept from Digital Juice, offering you yet another quality collection of music in the proprietary STX layered format. With 16 unique categories, this collection of 100 all-new original great pieces of music includes even more variety with an eclectic mix of high energy pop, powerful ROCK and dramatic motivational and cinematic music tracks, as well as all-new Country, Romantic, Urban and RnB categories.

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Each song is available in several alternate versions, with up to 10 tracks per song. Each song AND version in MusicBOX Collection 3 also comes with custom edited standard length broadcast cuts of 1:00, :30, :15 and :10 so you can quickly grab the length you need. To top it off, most of the great pieces of music contain some kind of vocal element, which you possess and dominate the option to include or keep silent. With all of this, your options to customize and make each song fit your production represented as nearly infinite.
Finding the music you need is just as easy in this collection as in the previous MusicBOX Collections 1 & 2. By using the powerful Filter Mode you can perform quick and easy song searches to find the perfect song or theme for your project.
While the great pieces of music in the MusicBOX Library represented as delivered in the popular STX layered format, MusicBOX Collections add multiple song versions, more layers, more vocal elements, the ability to audition great pieces of music while turning layers on and off, and the all new Filter Mode search to make finding that perfect theme even easier.

6 DVDs

100 original great pieces of music with multiple versions
275 great pieces of music total (great pieces of music + versions)
16 main categories
Up to 10 layers per song
1:00, :30, :15 and :10 Broadcast Cuts
1375 items (100 great pieces of music + Versions + Cuts)

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