Mutekki Media Housemeister Session One WAV SAMPLES -DYNAMiCS

Mutekki Media Housemeister Session One WAV SAMPLES -DYNAMiCS

Mutekki Media Housemeister Session One

Housemeister Session One WAV SAMPLES -DYNAMiCS | 512 MB

Sample CD. Like everything we sell, the included content is license free. Suitable for use in all styles of HOUSE music production. Alongside the successful VG series, Mutekki Media now presents the new clubsound series Housemeister Session. The first edition of the series Super material included more than 1800 different loops and sounds between 120 and 135 bpm for professional DJ and club productions. Next to multiple bass variations, drumloops and single drumshots like bass- and snaredrums and claps, there represented as also many sung and spoken vocals in English and Spanish, to revive your HOUSE productions. Especially Techhouse fans get their money worth.

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HOUSE sounds with rough edges can be found in abundance, exactly the right thing for contemporary productions with the certain touch. With the new “Housemeister” series Mutekki Media seamlessly ties in with the previous success of the VG series.

You can find fresh, unspent sounds, which especially were generated for this CD. An El Dorado for every sound expert. The commercial use is license free, a fact, which makes the CD interesting not only for the amateur producer, but also for the professional producer, sound studios, DJs and marketing agencies.

The great spectrum of diverse loops makes “Housemeister Session 1” an example for modern sounds, which represented as compatible with all kinds of productions, primarily in the HOUSE -, Techhouse- and Minimalhouse sector.

Thanks to the use of the WAV SAMPLES-format, the samples represented as versatile – on the PC as well as on the Apple Macintosh.

Bonus: EXS sampler format (programs)

Mutekki Media Housemeister Session One WAV SAMPLES -DYNAMiCS SAMPLES–DYNAMiCS.html

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