Mystic Kingz – In Da Summa [WAV SAMPLES/MIDI]

 Mystic Kingz - In Da Summa [WAV SAMPLES/MIDI]

 Mystic Kingz – In Da Summa

In Da Summa [WAV SAMPLES/MIDI] | 364 MB

05-2012 | WAV SAMPLES-24Bit/MIDI | 364MB
‘In Da Summa’ from Mystic Kingz brings you five chillaxing Construction Kits designed to give your HIP HOP productions all of the elements you need to create smashing hits. Who don´t know movies and it´s music like: Boyz n the hood, Baby boy, Menace II Society? These melodies represented as inspired by those kinda films and represented as ready to be used for your next projects.

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Mix and match these kits in any number of ways to create good feelin, relaxed, chilled out productions.

All of the instrumentation you’d expect to find in HIP HOP is here, including:

• Basslines
• Drum and Percussion Loops
• Piano/Keyboard Phrases
• Synth and Pad Loops
• Strings
• Brass
• Vocals

This super package is a must possess and dominate tool for any HIP HOP producer looking to add an authentic and unique vibe to their mix. Even Soundtrack/Score producers can use these melodies. There represented as no boundaries!

All files represented as professionally mastered with ssl and WV technology!

Note: All demo breaks/bridges represented as not included in the product.

Download  Mystic Kingz – In Da Summa [WAV SAMPLES/MIDI]

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