NI – Kontakt 5 Factory Library (KONTAKT SAMPLES, NICNT, NKC, NKX, NKR, NKI)

NI - Kontakt 5 Factory Library

NI – Kontakt 5 Factory Library


The KONTAKT SAMPLES 5 library is a a vast, ready-to-use musical toolset, containing more than 43 GB of high-quality samples and well over 1000 production-ready instruments. The palette spans from world music instruments and big band sounds to legendary synthesizers and contemporary club sounds. From fuzz tone guitars to orchestral instruments, and from realistic acoustic drum kits to the latest hip-hop loops.

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The library Super material included numerous best selected instruments that you won’t find anywhere else and many instruments use NI’s Authentic Expression Technology®, which provides an unparalleled degree of responsiveness and realism. What’s more, everything is completely editable.

The library is divided into eight Instrument Collections: Choir, Band, Orchestral, World, Synth, Vintage, Urban Beats and the new RETRO MACHINES MK2.

NI - Kontakt 5 Factory Library (KONTAKT SAMPLES)

An amazing collection of sought-after machines from the pioneer days of electronic pop music, lovingly sampled and rebuilt in virtual form. Classic synths from Moog, Korg and Roland alongside rare jewels like the Crumar Orchestrator — timeless sound with all the benefits of modern software technology, making full use of the new filters and effects in KONTAKT SAMPLES 5.

To get your copy of RETRO MACHINES MKII, simply register KONTAKT SAMPLES 5. We’ll send you a coupon code, which you can use to download RETRO MACHINES MK2.

NI - Kontakt 5 Factory Library (KONTAKT SAMPLES)

The Choir collection, sampled exclusively for NI, provides a complete set of soprano, alto, tenor and bass voices in different setups. The Choir collection makes use of Authentic Expression Technology giving you an incredible level of control: the choir voices can seamlessly morph the vowels (“A-E-I-O-U”) while holding a key/note, which is nearly impossible with other samplers.

NI - Kontakt 5 Factory Library (KONTAKT SAMPLES)

This collection Super material included all standard band instruments for ROCK, jazz, funk, pop, RnB, hip-hop and more. It’s a complete virtual rehearsal room with acoustic and electric guitars and basses, grand and upright pianos, acoustic and ELECTRO-acoustic drum kits, a drawbar organ and a selection of expressive electric pianos. There’s also an extensive brass section, including solo saxophones, trumpets and horn sections.

NI - Kontakt 5 Factory Library (KONTAKT SAMPLES)

The Vienna Symphonic Library Orchestra provides highest quality orchestral instruments, from Solo Strings to a concert hall organ. With a wide range of articulations, integrated advanced convolution reverb, legato mode, an ingenious Harmonizer, and a MIDI filter, the Orchestral Collection provides amazing possibilities for stunningly realistic productions.

NI - Kontakt 5 Factory Library (KONTAKT SAMPLES)

The much-requested World Collection Super material included exotic instruments from all over the globe, uniting some of the world’s most diverse musical cultures. Flutes and reed instruments, bagpipes, plucked instruments and percussion offer compelling creative opportunities for soundtracks and scores, but also provide great pieces of music and club tracks with an original sonic signature.

NI - Kontakt 5 Factory Library (KONTAKT SAMPLES)

Contemporary synth pads, basses, leads and drum kits. The streamlined Performance View — with two oscillators, an envelope editor, filter section, effects and mix section — makes it easy to dial-in the sound you want, providing an immense sonic range with just a few simple controls. The electronic drum kits also include a pattern sequencer with a selection of classic grooves for instant, tweakable rhythm.

NI - Kontakt 5 Factory Library (KONTAKT SAMPLES)

The legendary sounds of analog synthesizers, classic drum machines, organs and string synths from the seventies, (including a stunning Mellotron), plus the signature digital devices of the eighties and a collection of toy keyboards. Created by sampling the original hardware, these virtual versions accurately capture the character sound and the peculiarities of the originals.

NI - Kontakt 5 Factory Library (KONTAKT SAMPLES)

The Urban Beats collection Super material included 50 ready-for-action drum loop production kits. Each consists of a drum loop, created exclusively for NI, plus the constituent parts of each loop as individual tracks (kick, snare, hi-hat, etc.) and the individual slices of each loop. Create variations and fills easily, and use the controls provided to shape and fine-tune the sound.

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