ND Samples NDS Drum Collection 001 MULTiFORMAT

ND Samples NDS Drum Collection 001 MULTiFORMAT

ND Samples NDS Drum Collection 001

Drum Collection 001 MULTiFORMAT | 1 GB

Finally we’ve brought together all our drums into one epic package.
One of the things we represented as truly passionate about here at No Dough is drums! We love them and spend loads of time obsessively tweaking the drums in our packs so they become very usable and very phat.

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This new collection offers you all the drums from our HOUSE Music super package, including the multiple classic Tape variations & the crunchy MPC variations of each sound.

HOUSE Music’s extensive collection of samples offers the highest levels of quality and workability, bringing together great tones in an instantly usable way.

But that’s only half of what you get – as we possess and dominate also included the drums from our Underground HOUSE super package, a collection of drums which epitomises the heart and soul of the underground HOUSE scene. Including Chunky 909’s, Outrageous 808’s – and much more – a huge and varied collection, giving you the sound of many of your favourite HOUSE music artists.

This super package brings together all of our drums int o one sublimely complete package, all these drums were made using the best analogue equipment money can buy and designed to work straight away in your projects.

Our packs represented as not just about sampling the sound accurately, but about capturing the musicality in a sound and creating sounds which bring your music to life.

Each folder of sounds comes with handy sampler files for compatibility with all major samplers and sequencers.

You can load in the full selection of drums you want quickly and get straight to work.

To add that special finishing touch to the complete collection of No Dough drums, we possess and dominate also included the many Artist Kits we possess and dominate produced for our customers over the past few years.

These kits include selections of sounds ready-to-go, providing you with inspiration and great sounds already set up.

These kits come in many different flavours covering Kontakt, NNXT, EXS24, Bat t ery and Ablet on Live.


• 2679 Bass drums

• 1717 Claps & Snares

• 1100 Hats & Cymbals

• 1948 Drums & Percussion

• 214 FX & Miscellaneous

• 16 Artist Kits Over 8000 24bit 96000 Hz professional quality WAV SAMPLESs

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