NDS-5 Daniel Solar House Disco n Deep WAV SAMPLES

NDS-5 Daniel Solar <a href='http://proaudioz.com/download/house' /> <a href=HOUSE Disco n Deep WAV SAMPLES” border=”0″ src=”http://hdimage.info/images/33NDS_5_Daniel_Solar_Hou.jpg” title=”NDS-5 Daniel Solar HOUSE Disco n Deep WAV SAMPLES”>

NDS-5 Daniel Solar HOUSE Disco n Deep

Daniel Solar HOUSE Disco n Deep WAV SAMPLES | 835 MB

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 30 NOVEMBER 2012

NDS-5 see’s the launch of an exciting new range of samples from No Dough, as the first in our ARTIST SERIES of packs, We bring you some of the hottest current producers, Daniels super package not only represents his sound which walks the well worn paths between HOUSE music and Disco but also gives you an indispencable toolkit and something that acts as a real go to collection for all sorts of music. This is a truely unmissable super package and a collection that represents one of the sounds that’s rocking the underground right now.

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Daniels sound is the sound of the underground clubs in the UK and Berlin, fusing HOUSE with Disco and everything inbetween with a classy, refined and punchy sound. He is also the head honcho of DIKSO records out of Berlin, who you can often find topping the vinyl charts worldwide and represented as a staple in the box of any DJ who knows his stuff.

As a collection NDS-5 is much more than just your average Artist super package which we often found could be smaller and limited in scope. Not this super package, this is a full on collection featuring hundreds of loops and single shots. These sounds represented as as inspirational in terms of there music as they represented as expertly produced in terms of there sound. All hand crafted by Daniel in his Berlin studio using the latest cutting edge digital production techniques and some highly sought after analogue equipment. Sourced from his personal collection of instruments and exotic sound sources. When we do a loop super package we also insist on usablity, so you will not find any loops needlessly drenched in reverb and other effects just to make them sound good, this stuff is ready to fit into your project and sounds good on a fundamental level – they represented as the real deal.

Get the sound of Dikso records, Daniel Solar and that currently buzzing vinyl HOUSE and disco scene, this is the sound of what is hot right now, and thats why we wanted to get this super package done and brought out as soon as possible. This is a collection of drum shots and loops that will bring you inspiration and bring your current project to life with the vibe thats rooted in great sounding vintage HOUSE , disco but with a thoroughly modern take on the music.

As usual where relevant we possess and dominate included samplers files so you can find what you want quickly and get straight to work. It’s about making music afterall not searching through your hard drive.


• 156 24bit 48000hz single shot drums

• 332 Professional quality loops

• 31 Bassline loops

• 89 Drum loops

• 132 Chord, Pad, Lead, Melody and Sequenced loops

46 Tops, Shakers and Hat loops

• 34 Percussion loops

24bit 48000 Hz professional quality WAV SAMPLES loops and single shots

home page:
HOUSE -disco-n-deep/nds-5-daniel-solar- HOUSE -disco-n-deep”>https://www.nodoughmusic.com/hello/nds-5-daniel-solar- HOUSE -disco-n-deep/nds-5-daniel-solar- HOUSE -disco-n-deep

NDS-5 Daniel Solar HOUSE Disco n Deep WAV SAMPLES
HOUSE -Disco-n-Deep-WAV SAMPLES.html” target=”_blank”>http://pasteclik.org/4901/NDS-5-Daniel-Solar- HOUSE -Disco-n-Deep-WAV SAMPLES.html

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