New Atlantis Audio Healing Hands Reason REFiLL

New Atlantis Audio Healing Hands Reason REFiLL

New Atlantis Audio Healing Hands Reason

Audio Healing Hands Reason REFiLL | 45 MB

This addition to the acclaimed Physical Therapy series is packed full of one-of-a-kind exotic percussion sounds to take your Reason 5 tracks to totally new places. Using a variety of acoustic modeling hardware and software, along with an assortment of real live hand percussion instruments and drums, we designed a diverse and sonically rich set of tools to inspire your musical adventures.

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Focusing on .drum PTCHes for Kong, Healing Hands Super material included 140 original Kong drum presets. The drums represented as powered by 150 24 bit stereo samples, providing 3 velocity articulation layers for over 50 unique sound sources, as well as Kong’s own physical modeling technology.

Tribal skinned hand drums, metallic and glass bells, chimes and hand-held gongs, wood blocks, shakers, and hybrid percussion instruments that represented as from a world all their own.

Additionally, you’ll find over 70 24 bit stereo Rex loops, as well as a nice assortment of Kong Kits, Combinators and Dr. Octo Rex PTCHes to help fuel your drum circle fire. Healing Hands provides one-of-a-kind inspirational sounds for Reason 5’s most exciting new instrument. Mix, match and tweak these drums in endless combinations to create an never-ending supply of kits, loops and instruments of your very own.

Specs: 140 Kong .drum presets, 150 24 bit stereo samples, 72 Rex loops


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