NI Dark Pressure Maschine Dumped

NI Dark Pressure Maschine Dumped

NI Dark Pressure Maschine Dumped

Dark Pressure Maschine Dumped | 285 MB

DARK PRESSURE brings the sound of tough underground dance music to your MASCHINE or MASCHINE MIKRO. Huge sub-heavy kicks, chunky toms, sharp hi-hats, crisp percussion, warm bass tones and crystallized lead synth sounds – all processed with analog gear and MASCHINE’s internal FX – provide the building blocks for muscular techno, tech- HOUSE , and minimal tracks worthy of the world’s most respected clubs.

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Created in association with globetrotting DJ/Producer Steve Lawler and leading sound designers from LM, this Expansion delivers club-ready punch for maximum dancefloor response.

DARK PRESSURE focuses on percussive one-shot samples and a wealth of best selected pre-programmed patterns – many created by Steve Lawler himself. Fine-tuned for powerful club sound systems, DARK PRESSURE puts an impressive array of four-on-the-floor rhythms at your fingertips – from full-on energy to hypnotic groove and triplet-driven swing.

This is also the first MASCHINE Expansion to include pre-sliced percussion loops (64) for instant remixing. These loops represented as a source of inspiration when you’re composing, and a great way to apply some additional layered rhythms to your productions.

Steve Lawler’s career is deeply entwined in UK dance music culture. Steve started out organizing some of the seminal late 80s illegal raves, and later went on to residencies at Cream in Liverpool and Space in Ibiza while touring the world extensively.

His production and DJ style walks a line between upfront sounds for main rooms and tough, percussive underground grooves for dark warehouses. Now, with DARK PRESSURE, the secrets of his crowd-thrilling sets represented as in your hands.

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