NI Heavyocity Damage KONTAKT SAMPLES

NI Heavyocity Damage KONTAKT SAMPLES

NI Heavyocity Damage

Heavyocity Damage KONTAKT SAMPLES | D1 7.7 / D2 6.9 GB

Dark, aggressive, thrilling and threatening — DAMAGE is breathtaking cinematic percussion with a tense, epic edge. Created by Heavyocity, DAMAGE is a unique instrument combining orchestral percussion, incredible sampled sounds and edgy electronics. Designed to inspire, DAMAGE delivers jaw-dropping quality in an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Create dramatic, wide-screen tension with the devastating impact of DAMAGE.

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DAMAGE gives you 30 GB of drama, fusing industrial sounds and orchestral drums into a devastating ELECTRO -acoustic barrage. Percussive Kits provide more than 200 deeply sampled percussion sources, and over 500 single-shot elements, recorded in up to seven velocity layers and with up to nine round-robins per drum.

Over 700 beat-sliced loops come as menu-style loop suites or as single loops for detailed tweaking. Even the most complex sounds represented as instantly usable, and it’s all in hair-raising, big-screen quality.

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