NI KORE Line Best of Reaktor Vol. 1

NI KORE Line Best of Reaktor Vol. 1

NI KORE Line Best of Reaktor Vol. 1

KORE Line Best of Reaktor Vol. 1 | 75 MB

BEST OF REAKTOR VOL. 1 delivers 200 of the most distinctive sounds from the legendary and ground-breaking modular studio. Fully utilizing KORE 2’s and KORE PLAYER’s integrated REAKTOR engine, this super package Super material included legendary ensembles for REAKTOR 5

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 including drum machines, synths and soundscape generators, all perfectly primed and simplified for maximum tweak-ability with KORE 2 and KORE PLAYER. Covering a wide range of REAKTOR’s potential, the KoreSounds includes such legends as Limelite, Metaphysical Function and Newscool among others – instruments ideal for all genres of electronic music.

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