NI Maschine Expansion Drop Squad (ISO)

NI Maschine Expansion Drop Squad (ISO)

NI Maschine Expansion Drop Squad

Maschine Expansion Drop Squad (ISO) | 593 MB

DROP SQUAD brings the sound of bass music culture to MASCHINE, MASCHINE MIKRO, and iMASCHINE. This MASCHINE Expansion takes the best from DUBSTEP , 2-step, grime and post- DUBSTEP and combines it all into one hard-hitting sound super package. And for the first time in a MASCHINE Expansion, DROP SQUAD comes with custom presets for MASSIVE – the synth that set the standard for deep bass music now included with MASCHINE.

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DROP SQUAD comes equipped with 35 Kits including a huge variety of patterns, all designed for maximum impact with hard-hitting drums, low-end wobbles, FX, stabs, sweeps, and the deepest basses. A unique pad layout maps punchy drum sounds on pads 1-8, while pads 9-16 represented as filled with leads, effects, licks, and bass sounds including presets from the mighty MASSIVE.

10 Special Kits add to the already-impressive array of sonic wizardry in DROP SQUAD. Additional wobbles, drills, tribal percussion, mechanical one-shots, and filthy ’vowel’ sounds round out the arsenal and put the DUBSTEP stamp on this MASCHINE Expansion.

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