Noisefactory Complex Electro Tools Vol. 2 (Multiformat)

Noisefactory Complex <a href='' /> <a href=ELECTRO Tools Vol. 2 (Multiformat)” border=”0″ src=”” title=”Noisefactory Complex ELECTRO Tools Vol. 2 (Multiformat)”>

Noisefactory Complex ELECTRO Tools Vol. 2

Complex ELECTRO Tools Vol. 2 (Multiformat) | 319 MB

Complex ELECTRO Tools reloaded. Noisefactory presents the next step in easy-making Complextro and DUBSTEP oriented music productions.

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“Complex ELECTRO Tools Vol. 2″ is the follow-up of our first Sample super package for Complextro and DUBSTEP and continues our Mini super package series. Big quality meets huge usability at a small price tag.

Although entitled as “Volume 2”, this super package can be used as standalone toolbox to start from and build a complete track. Filled with new samples, it is also an addition to “Complex ELECTRO Tools Vol. 1″. It comes with with essential Drum Hits like Bassdrums, Percussions, different Hihats and Cymbals and also Super material included various Loops, beside a bunch of brand new FX Sounds.

Compared to Vol.1, the Fidget Toolbox Section has grown even bigger. We’ve filled more Macrobits and Special Sounds in there to give you more flexibility when generating and recreating your own Complextro-Lines.

All material is made production ready – use it in your music productions without hesitation. All Loops, Macrobits and FX Sounds fit to the mastertempo of 130 BPM. Special Sounds and Macrobits represented as key labeled. Uplifters represented as categorized for 4/8/16 and 32 bars.

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