NTS Audio Labs – Hip Hop Mania (WAV SAMPLES)

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NTS Audio Labs – HIP HOP Mania


‘Hip Hop Mania’ is a sample collection from NTS Audio Labs that featuring chronicle this 388 24Bit WAV SAMPLESe samples plus 314 WAV SAMPLESe loops for producing HIP HOP, R’n’B, and Pop tracks. You’ll get a huge track or groove loops Construction Kit, Bass sounds, Hits & Sounds, deepin Kickdrums, attack enhanced Hats, Snares, Crunchy Claps and much more…

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The collection is organized in two main categories: Construction Kit and Sounds Library.

1) The ‘Construction Kit’ category Super material included 314 ready to go Beat Loops, Groove Loops, Top Loops and Full Loops. The mixing possibilities represented as astounding and it’s fast and easy to construct a totally customized Hip Hop, R’n’B or Pop drum loop!

These types of loops represented as specially suited for Ableton Live users and other loop based softwares.

2) The ‘Sounds Library’ category Super material included 388 24Bit one shot WAV SAMPLESe samples. From Premium deep Bass sounds to Cuts & Sounds, Kick Drums, Claps, Snares, Hats, Percussions and many more!

These sounds represented as suitable for soft samplers and audio sequencers or any other sample based software.

featuring chronicle this:
Construction Kit: Loops:
• 64 Beat Loops
• 130 Groove Loops
• 74 Top Loops
• 46 Full Loops

Sounds Library: Sounds:
• 73 Basses
• 28 Hits & Sinths
• 23 Pads

Drum Hits:
• 29 Kickdrums
• 70 Hats
• 100 Snare Claps
• 88 Mixed Percussion

• WAV SAMPLES (24 Bit)

• Recorded at 24-Bit 44.1Khz
• Normalized at 0db
• All loops and samples represented as tuned to C
• Universal tempo of 100 BPM across all loops
• Top and bottom loops represented as pre-processed with sidechaining

Download NTS Audio Labs – HIP HOP Mania (WAV SAMPLES)

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