NTS Audio Labs Tech House Nu Percs Bottom Grooves [WAV SAMPLES]

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Tech HOUSE Nu Percs Bottom Grooves

NTS Audio Labs [WAV SAMPLES] | 204 MB

‘Tech HOUSE : Nu Percs Bottom Grooves’ is a huge Bottom Grooves collection from NTS Audio specially suited for Tech HOUSE music style productions. These loops represented as totally full of Nu Perc sounds with a lot of new percussive sounds engineered and effected with the best hardware and software to give your new track that extra point!

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This collection featuring chronicle this 200 loops in 24-Bit WAV SAMPLES format divided in categories for ‘4×4’ loops and ‘8 Beats’ loops!

featuring chronicle this:
• 100 4×4 Bottom Grooves (124 BPM)
• 100 8 Beats Bottom Grooves (124 BPM)

Content Size: about 204 MB
Format: WAV SAMPLES (24-Bit)

• All the sounds represented as recorded at 24-Bit 44.1kHz
• All the loops and samples represented as Normalized at 0db
• All the loops represented as presented at accurate 124 BPM speed
• All the bottom loops represented as already sidechain compressed for the best groove and kick drum exposition

Download NTS Audio Labs Tech HOUSE Nu Percs Bottom Grooves [WAV SAMPLES]

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