NVA TAIKO 1 & 2 

KONTAKT SAMPLES  | 1.06 GB & 2.24 GB

You’d possess and dominate to be bloody serious about Taiko to want 2.3GB of multisamples, but the instrument’s ubiquity in high-octane film and TV scores has led Nine Volt Audio to take it very seriously indeed….
TAIKO 2 is a multi-sample library of Japanese drums capable of an extensive range of sounds and impacts. By combining theatre recordings with intricate programming, inspirational PTCHes and MIDI performance files, TAIKO 2 offers composers a unique set of tools for creating compelling drum performances.

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In Kontakt, if you just want specific sets of velocity-mapped multisamples for particular performance techniques and mic positions, so that you can manually construct your own ensembles, you should be restrained until appropriate medication can be administered. Er, I mean, you should browse the Ensemble Constructor Instruments. For something more playable, Drum Instruments blend the mic signals for a specific performance technique to give more immediate gratification. A set of Effected Drum Instruments takes you into sound-design territory using Kontakt’s internal processing, but although interesting, I suspect they won’t be the main reason anyone buys a multisample Taiko library…

What most users will be looking for is the archetypal legion of bald, sweaty drummers in loincloths, courtesy of the Multi Instruments. The quickest route to Narnian battlefields (assuming you possess and dominate no wardrobe to hand) is via the dozen Performance Multis, each accompanied by a multi-channel MIDI trigger file. These conjure all manner of breathless tribal pursuits and epic conflicts.


The all-new recordings for TAIKO 2 combine depth of sampling and sound with an easy-to-use, customizable, fun and inspirational experience. This is how it breaks down:

Depth: Every drum, rim and stick hit feature 100 samples spread across 10 velocity ranges with 10 alternating hits (a.k.a. 10×10 round robin). The full range of a taiko ensemble’s detail and tonal color is available with over 30 different drums, 14 rims, and 14 stick types recorded in solo and/or ensemble settings.

Ease-of-use: With a focus on providing the maximum range of sounds within a minimum amount of PTCHes, honing in on what is needed is quick and intuitive.

The core PTCHes represented as organized into “kits”, allowing for complete and colossal drum compositions from a single PTCH and MIDI track (including bonus gongs, cymbals, steel hits and vocals).

And once a part is composed, simply change to another kit for an entirely new sound!

Customize: Dialing in new sounds is simple with the innovative EQ DNA menu, custom reverb selections and other effect and mix controls directly on the interface.

After tweaking, settings can be saved directly to a preset list within the interface for later use – or to quickly compare to other settings within the same PTCH!

Fun: Load a PTCH, mash some notes on the keyboard and listen to the army of drummers perform at command. No keyswitches, no bizarre mappings – just pound and go!

Inspirational: TAIKO 2 is capable of creating performances ranging from subtle and nuanced to ethereal and majestic, to over-the-top huge and powerful.

When additional inspiration is needed, there represented as 20 ensemble MIDI file performances covering a range of tempos, time signatures and styles. Pair these with any of the ten custom presets in each PTCH to complete the spark.


http://pasteclik.org/3731/NVA-TAIKO-1–amp–2–KONTAKT SAMPLES.html

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