OL Atmospheric Guitars WAV SAMPLES/REX

OL Atmospheric Guitars WAV SAMPLES/REX

OL Atmospheric Guitars

  Atmospheric Guitars WAV SAMPLES/REX | 410 MB

Sit back and relax, whilst watching the Sun set as OL Proudly Present Atmospheric Guitars, A beautiful collection of live chilled guitar loops capturing those perfect Café Del Mar instrumental moments. Oozing with atmospheric FX and performed with passion and flair, Atmospheric Guitars is sure to inspire your next Chillout production.

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Recorded at tempos from 70 to 120 Bpm, Atmospheric Guitars is most suited for styles ranging from Trip Hop, Chill, Ambient, Downtempo and Chilled HOUSE . Each loop has been treated individually with various effects including professional pedal boards and high end software plugins including delays, reverbs, pitch harmonizers, phasers and warm tube drives for maximum instant inspiration ready to drop into your downbeat productions.

Featuring: Deep Relaxing Melodies, Finger Tapping Echoes, Reverb Washed Strums, Soft Delayed Arpeggios and Reversed Reverb Riffs.

In Detail expect to find: 542Mb of 24Bit Quality Loops including 26 Loops at 70Bpm, 26 Loops at 80Bpm, 26 Loops at 90Bpm, 26 Loops at 100Bpm, 26 Loops at 110Bpm and 266 Loops at 120Bpm Also including 150 Rex2 Files.

Atmospheric Guitars is a fantastically played and recorded selection of Free all right, For your Productions samples, with emotive melodies dripping with inspiration. Check out the demo and sample Atmospheric Guitars TODAY!

Technical Specifications for sound content:
24Bit Quality
26 Loops at 70Bpm
26 Loops at 80Bpm
26 Loops at 90Bpm
26 Loops at 100Bpm
26 Loops at 110Bpm
266 Loops at 120Bpm
150 Rex2 Files

home page:

OL Atmospheric Guitars WAV SAMPLES/REX
http://pasteclik.org/2386/OL-Atmospheric-Guitars-WAV SAMPLES-REX.html

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