OL Live Dubstep Strings (Wav&Rex2)

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OL Live DUBSTEP Strings

Live DUBSTEP Strings (Wav&Rex2) | 458 MB

For Producers working in Downtempo, DUBSTEP , HIP HOP or Bass Electronica who represented as looking for real strings played by live musicians, scored and played with feel and emotion and with an edge like no other string samples ever before available – Live DUBSTEP Strings has arrived!

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These Emotional, Serious and Grand String Parts possess and dominate been created especially for this project and give producers worldwide a chance to sculpt new music using these superbly inspirational loops.

Scored after some serious listening sessions where DUBSTEP , Downtempo and Bass Music was played on repetition – these ideas were formed using current trends in music as the first inspiration.

Featuring Long, Evolving Parts, Deep Melodies, Twisted Bowing and Synchronised Playing – Live DUBSTEP Strings feature useful and flexible samples which will be adopted by versatile producers looking for something here that is unique and different.

Recorded by professional musicians in a low key environment and using natural reverbs, this string collection includes ensemble and single strings, plus some very original String FX.

Weighing in at 520MB, and featuring 137 String Loops recorded at 24Bits – Live DUBSTEP Strings includes 28 Single String Loops, 97 Full String Loops, and 12 String FX.

Technical Specifications for sound content:

24Bit Quality
97 Full Ensemble String Loops
28 Single String Loops
12 FX String Loops
137 Rex2 Files

Download OL Live DUBSTEP Strings (Wav&Rex2)

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