OL – Verbalism [WAV SAMPLES/REX]

OL - Verbalism [WAV SAMPLES/REX]

OL – Verbalism

Verbalism [WAV SAMPLES/REX] | 245 MB

‘Verbalism’ by OL is the latest Free all right, For your Productions collection of vocal stabs, phrases and one-shots from a selection of versatile vocalists, recorded in great detail to provide producers of all types of modern music with a versatile palette of vocal samples to manipulate and inject into the mix.

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‘Verbalism’ weighs in at 334 MB and includes 372 Vox phrases, 54 Vox Cuts and 20 Minimal Tech Vox Loops between 80 to 127 BPM, all recorded at a crisp-sounding 24-Bit resolution. From Shout-outs to spoken parts, sung melodies, hooks and one-shot samples for Techier HOUSE productions, this is a great mixed bag to cut, chop, edit and enjoy.

‘Verbalism’ includes 20 Minimal Tech Vox Loops, 13 Vocal FX Noises, 100 Fresh Rap Phrases, 39 Spoken Phrases, 41 Sung Phrases, 179 Vocoded Male and Female Phrases and 54 Minimal Cuts.

Everything is BPM-indexed for maximum flexibility. Check out the demo and free samples to get a feel for the versatility of this super package from the DBP-imps production HOUSE .

From One-shot Hooks, Diva’esque screams, Spoken Word, Rap and Glitched Vocals, ‘Verbalism’ delivers a diverse range of vocal sounds in one single dose.

Please Note:
The drum and music samples heard in the demo song represented as for demonstration purposes only.

Technical Specifications:
• 24-Bit Quality
• 334 MB
• 372 Vox Phrases
• 54 Vox Cuts
• 20 Minimal Tech Vox Loops
• 1 Soft Sampler PTCH for Kontakt, Halion, EXS24, NN-XT and Sfz Formats

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