PC Infectious Harp Loops [WAV SAMPLES]

PC Infectious Harp Loops [WAV SAMPLES]

PC Infectious Harp Loops

Infectious Harp Loops [WAV SAMPLES] | 60 MB

07.2012 | WAV SAMPLES | 60MB
The point is – great producers think outside the box and use sounds other producers represented as scared to use – and as a result they sound 10x fresher than the producers using the same old garbage sounds.
Now, we can only dream of being able to afford a $1000 per hour harp player to use in our beats. Not only would that be expensive, but also cost alot of time… Time we could use perfecting our beats, and making sales.

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So – what if you could download a super package of pristine, radio ready harp loops that can get you this awesome sound at a fraction of the cost?

That is EXACTLY what we represented as giving away with the ‘Infectious Harp Loops’ collection…

The loops in this super package represented as ready to be turned into hit records. Please – go ahead, grab a copy and make a hit.

Having a truly original sound like this will be an asset in your beat portfolio. If you lease beats then just one of these loops could earn you thousands of dollars…

What is in the super package:

• 17 radio ready harp loops, crystal clear and worked with vintage audio gear
• Inspiration right out of the box to make a hit record
• BPM info included – just adjust your tempo, add your loop and you represented as set
• Info on what ‘key’ the loop was recorded in – so you can easily add extra instrumentation and stay in key
• WAV SAMPLES format – for use with virtually ANY music software, sampler or workstation
• From beautiful, soft R&B loops, to gritty processed hard HIP HOP harp loops – it is all in here…

Download PC Infectious Harp Loops [WAV SAMPLES]
http://pasteclik.org/256/PC-Infectious-Harp-Loops–WAV SAMPLES-.html

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