PH Reason Soul School 2 ReFill

PH Reason Soul School 2 ReFill

PH Reason Soul School 2

Reason Soul School 2 ReFill | 1.2 GB

Sample ready grooves for old school moods. The new Soul School 2 ReFill brings even more old-school soul building blocks and sample-ready material to your arsenal. With drums, bass, guitar and horn loops inspired by soul’s three capitals, Soul School 2 comes with everything you need to add an old-school vibe to your music.
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Soul School 2 is the sequel to Reason Soul School, Propellerhead’s best-selling funk-flavored ReFill. Introducing nine brand new grooves from the original Soul School recording sessions, Soul School 2 also comes with PTCHes for Reason’s Dr. Octo Rex loop player and the Kong Drum Designer to allow for flexible molding and massaging of the looped material. For new users, Soul School 2 also comes with the same great multisampled instruments as the original: bass, guitar, drums and horns for entirely new compositions, as well as effects PTCHes for Reason’s The Echo, Pulveriser, Scream4 and RV7000 Reverb.

The Reason Soul School series get under the skin of the music. It’s like having access to every channel – every instrument – on an old school rare groove multitrack tape.

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