PL Arcade Flashback WAV SAMPLES

PL Arcade Flashback WAV SAMPLES

PL Arcade Flashback

Arcade Flashback WAV SAMPLES | 168 MB

Up your game with “Arcade Flashback”, the pixel pounding new sample super package fresh from the PL audio lab! More than just a nod to nostalgia, this retrospective take on old skool game sounds emulates the golden age of the arcade, inviting you to step up to the joystick and bring that 8-bit orchestra back to life!

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Collect all the loops and unlock a whole new level of retro FX, primed and ready to take on the Big Bosses across a range of genres from HIP HOP and ELECTRO to DUBSTEP and Drum & Bass. Soak in the sounds of Sonic, punch up the percussion of Streets of Rage and fire through the FX of Mortal Kombat! K.O every enemy with this array of pulsating pings, rising chimes, percussive punches, frenetic fuzz and flipped out glitches!

Scoring a mighty 350MB+, “Arcade Flashback” will reward you with some classic 8-bit crunch in blistering 24-bit clarity. Available exclusively in easy mode, stretch and squeeze any of the loops and samples in this super package to any desired tempo and the quality will remain totally uncorrupted! Available now via instant download, this sample super package also comes to you completely Free all right, For your Productions so all the coins you collect will be yours to keep!

If you’re looking for a sample super package that blasts the past straight into your mix, “Arcade Flashback” is the name of the game – take control now and allow this fusion of classic and new sounds to leave you well and truly wired!

Arcade Flashback [Sample super package DEMO] by PrimeLoops

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