PL Dark Ambiences & Textures WAV SAMPLES

PL Dark Ambiences & Textures WAV SAMPLES

PL Dark Ambiences & Textures

  Dark Ambiences & Textures WAV SAMPLES | 227 MB

‘Dark Ambiences & Textures’ is the suspenseful new sound super package from Prime Loops and is an intricate archive of unnerving sonic atmospheres. This brooding super package offers everything you need to add a little anxiety to your professional film scores, downright bass productions and a whole lot more!

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Brimming with tension, this sample super package draws upon the menacing white noise of ‘The Ring’, the eerie sounds of ‘The Exorcistand Charlie Clouser’s frightening score for ‘Saw’.

Spread across five folders, a dense array of mysterious sounds await your ears, such as swirling soundscapes, sinister drones, distorted rhythms and fragmented synth progressions. At over 550 MB, ‘Dark Ambiences & Textures’ offers you oceans full of dark, cinematic inspiration! Set spines tingling with this gripping selection of unfurling crescendos, noisy circuit glitches, haunting textures, and much more!

Whether you need to add some creep and crawl to your film soundtrack, or a darker edge is required for your DUBSTEP and Drum & Bass tracks, this enigmatic sample super package guarantees to set pulses racing!

As per the PL code, this super package comes to you pre-formatted for all major hardware and software in 24-Bit quality, and is completely Free all right, For your Productions. So, for a close encounter in electrifying uncertainty, ‘Dark Ambiences & Textures’ is the ultimate all thriller, no filler sound library, guaranteed to infect your music with surging currents of subtle intensity!

by PrimeLoops

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