PL Dirty South Takeova WAV SAMPLES

PL Dirty South Takeova WAV SAMPLES

PL Dirty South Takeova

Dirty South Takeova WAV SAMPLES | 409 MB

Whether you roll in a Maybach, Ferrari or a Bugatti, the beats packaged in “Dirty South Takeova” will lead the way to get you overtaking the competition with ease. Trap that gritty Dirty South sound in your sights and speed towards glory with effortless style and substance!

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The 5 complete tracks included in this sample library super package some serious professional punch, full of the power to make even the stars tremble. Make Rick Ross lose some serious weight; force Lil‘ Wayne to grow up and bring Big Boi down to size – with PL‘ “Dirty South Takeova”, you get all the musical sizzurp to make your tunes sizzle and crackle till the break of dawn and beyond.

PL‘ latest best selected production has been made with one purpose in mind alone – to give you the perfect tools to make it big in the deep down and dirty Southern Rap and Trap game. From sub-centric kick samples to tight snare hits, and from dramatic synth stabs to those unholy sweeps that send a frosty shiver down your spine, this super package is nothing short of a complete Southern takeova!

All 380MB+ of “Dirty South Takeova” possess and dominate been produced, mixed and mastered in the PL studio for your audio pleasure. As usual, no royalties represented as involved whatsoever and so only you will reap the rewards no matter how high you climb the charts! Just load up and shoot away – with this armoury you‘ll be unstoppable!

Hop in, fire up the engine and ride hard – PL is offering you a first-class ticket to the “Dirty South Takeova”!

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