PL Dubstep Melodies (WAV SAMPLES-REX)

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 PL DUBSTEP Melodies


July-2012 | WAV SAMPLES-REX | 425 MB
DUBSTEP – what is it good for? Absolutely everything! Not only does this most cutting edge of all club styles channel the sounds and noises of the electronic underground, DUBSTEP is also responsible for some of the heaviest pop moments of the last few years. Enter PL’ latest synth loops collection: “ DUBSTEP Melodies”!

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This ultra-melodic DUBSTEP synth super package brings you the very latest in dub sound design, including 60+ synth hooks from fuzzed-out tickles to blissful, crystal-clear chords, 32+ basslines from talking wobbles to distorted monsters and 32+ chopped up, gated and professionally sequenced melodies. Capture ultimate chart-smashing DUBSTEP success now – it’s all just waiting to be let out the sample cage!

Whether you’re searching for a crazy DUBSTEP lead to make your track stand out in the club, a cool synth backdrop to get your anthem straight into the charts or the ultimate hand-in-the-air sequence before the next ferocious drop, “ DUBSTEP Melodies” is the super package for you!

ROCK the clubs like Flux Pavillon, enter the charts like Swindle, destroy the blogs like Tunnidge or make your claim to fame like Skrillex – with this super-solid PL release you get all the massive and tricky synth sounds of the DUBSTEP trade. Every frequency, every note and every sequence in “ DUBSTEP Melodies” has been created, recorded and mastered with the most ambitious user in mind – you! So, make sure to test it to it’s limits and create the next DUBSTEP meltdown!

As you’d expect from a quality PL product, the entire contents of “ DUBSTEP Melodies” can be used and tweaked without any annoying sample clearance, giving you the opportunity to maximize your creativity and roll your beats into the big league. Download, upzip and load up into your tunes for some kaleidoscopic melodic magic!

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