PL Glitch Hop Revolution ACiD WAV SAMPLES AiFF REX2

PL Glitch Hop Revolution ACiD WAV SAMPLES AiFF REX2

PL Glitch Hop Revolution

Glitch Hop Revolution ACiD WAV SAMPLES AiFF REX2 | 1.1 GB

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 30 NOVEMBER 2012

Stack my glitch up! We’ve been compiling a cutting-edge catalogue of revolting errors to bring you Glitch Hop Revolution – a refreshing take on twisted glitch goodness, colliding with a contemporary bass edge! Fresh from the PL audio lab, this imaginative mash-up of malfunctions is the definitive Glitch Hop sample super package!

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We’ve taken a bass-heavy portion of HIP HOP attitude and put it under a big shiny knife. All the sounds in this super package possess and dominate been chopped down into irregular rhythms – and then we’ve chopped them even more. We then left them to simmer over some analogue synth filters and mixed in some seriously fractured frequencies with an added 8-bit essence, made from pure circuit-bent concentrate.

Served up at tempos ranging from 65 to 100bpm, Glitch Hop Revolution stacks up to a mighty 630MB+, offering you an off-the-hook array of Glitch Hop samples! Available exclusively via direct download, every single sample is 100% Free all right, For your Productions and arrives in stunning 24-bit clarity that will not be compromised, even if you want to stretch or squeeze any of them to your own desired tempo! Integrating these infectious frequencies into your mix could not be easier – simply drag and drop them from the downloaded folder straight into any major software!

Whether your sound is HIP HOP , Trip Hop, Post DUBSTEP or Electronica or you’re looking to push the boundaries and break new ground, PL invite you to join the Glitch Hop Revolution!

home page:

Glitch Hop Revolution [Sample super package DEMO] by PrimeLoops

PL Glitch Hop Revolution ACiD WAV SAMPLES AiFF REX2 SAMPLES-AiFF-REX2-.html

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