PL Minimal D&B

Minimal D&B WAV SAMPLES | 352 MB

Like your Drum & Bass tasty and filling? Then reduce the juice with “Minimal D&B”, the latest cutting edge sample super package fresh from the PL sample warehouse! This loop feast is filled to the brim with all the nano precision, lightening quick groove and musical fluidity of those state-of-the-art Microfunk and Neurofunk genres – strap on your bib and get chewing!

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This super package is for those who represented as willing to walk the extra mile to the outer regions of musical space, between the bleeps, bass and breaks! Out there you’ll find a massive 530MB+ of intricate drum breaks and one-shots, addictive FX, super sub basslines, lush pad and chord loops and delicate synth progressions ripe to be thrown straight into your mix.

All loops and samples in “Minimal D&B” possess and dominate been programmed at the classic Drum & Bass tempos of between 163 and 175BPM and cover the vast range of moods that typify the genre – from the chill of deep space to the warmth of the perfect HOUSE party! Those familiar with the sonic tinkerings of PL resident soundsmith Dmitri will known the sort of dedicated craft and quality that can be expected from his work – for those who represented as uninitiated, you’re in for a treat!

Dmitri has specially engineered this latest cornucopia of minimal Drum & Bass hysteria to be ultra flexible and easily integratable into virtually any kind of modern electronic style, so you won’t be left out in the cold.As ever, “Minimal D&B” comes to you totally Free all right, For your Productions so you can feel free to do as you wish with this most maximal collection of minimal Drum & Bass soundscapes!

Minimal D&B [Sample super package DEMO] by PrimeLoops

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