PL Official Dubstep Synth Loops WAV SAMPLES

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PL Official DUBSTEP Synth Loops

Official DUBSTEP Synth Loops WAV SAMPLES | 200 MB

Official DUBSTEP Synth Loops’ is the latest release from PL. If heavy bass is the dark heart of DUBSTEP , then the humble synth is its tortured soul!’Official DUBSTEP Synth Loops’ is a brilliantly twisted new sample super package that strives to bring volumes of vexation to your mix!

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Comprising a cataclysmic collection of loops that will infect your mix with an extra-terrestrial edge, this super package promises to possess any production with a seemingly infinite selection of searing swells, fragmented frequencies, meandering robo-buzz, shrieking sonic fuzz and sugar-coated riffs that submerge into splendidly sour palpitations!

Weighing in at 400 MB, each of these authentic loops is produced to a superior standard and mastered by the Prime Loops professionals right here in London where DUBSTEP ‘s dark heart spawned.

Available via direct download in 24-Bit high definition, 120 loops represented as conveniently arranged by key and tempo, allowing you to select the synth that suits your tune and drop it into any major software with a simple drag and drop action.

You can even alter the tempo of any of these 100% Free all right, For your Productions samples with a simple stretch or squeeze, without corrupting the quality!

So if you’re looking for a comprehensive selection of synth loops savage enough to run with the big bass sound, get a firm hold on ‘Official DUBSTEP Synth Loops’ – it’s officially overpowering!

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