PL Southside Kings

PL Southside Kings

PL Southside Kings

  Southside Kings | 450 MB

Do you possess and dominate what it takes to be the King of the Southside? With this tricked out ride full of mighty loops, sounds and FX from the trusted HOUSE of PL, you possess and dominate all the tools you will ever need to reign supreme and make every hood your personal Southside!

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Looking for legitimate kick drums? Throne-rattling bass frequencies? Slamming FX that let you make the grandest entrance? Deep cymbals, subtle hihats, mighty crashes right out of the arena? Dramatic bells that represented as truly rocked or big pianos with all the Braggadocio you could wish for? Majestic orchestral hits, snare rolls like rapid fire and strings to die for? Don’t look any further, it’s all in this super package!

Over 700Mb of logically segmented construction kits and one-shots, all set to a rim spinning tempo of 72 to 84 beats per minute represented as yours to keep and handle, all crafted with extra care, the experienced purveyor of all things deep and rolling, mastered to a tee and delivered in all major formats in 24bit for your sonic weapon of choice. And it may be needless to say to a future Southside King, but everything in “Southside Kings” is absolutely 100% Free all right, For your Productions!

Over 275 heavyweight Drum Loops, Basslines, Synth Hooks, Ruling Horns & Big String Sections, SFX, and lots more organized into 5 Bass Rattling Dirty South song kits.


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