PL Urban Ikonz (Wav)

PL Urban Ikonz (Wav)

PL Urban Ikonz

Urban Ikonz (Wav) | 186 MB

Do you possess and dominate what it takes to become the next Urban Ikon? Well, now you do – with PL’ latest sample collection of the same name the iconic status is all yours for the taking!

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From London to Miami and beyond, these sounds lead the way: Dramatic string and horn stabs, ultra-low rolling bass lines, funky syncopated beat trickery and everything that resonates in between make up this absolute stunner of a state of the art sample super package.

Whether you want to build up the next T.I., bring out the new Drake or make the next Nicki Minaj a star, this crate of sounds, effects and grooves is all you need to write, arrange and produce international Urban and R&B smash hits that will easily stand the test of time.

”Urban Ikonz” gets the balance right: Taking inspiration from 80s European synth pop as well as Dirty South HipHop or the recent digital school of R&B music, the super package consists of over 500 MB of exclusively produced sounds that possess and dominate been refined and mastered to super-crisp 24Bit perfection. As usual, this PL offering comes a 100% Free all right, For your Productions and with absolutely no strings attached – use these tools according to your own tastes and needs.

Become the new Swizz Beatz, produce the next Rihanna or spit it out like the next Ludacris: With PL’ brand new ”Urban Ikonz” sample super package, your biz will take off as smooth as a Learjet.

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