PL Vocal Allstars Series "Party Like Wow" WAV SAMPLES-REX

PL Vocal Allstars Series

PL Vocal Allstars Series “Party Like Wow” 

Vocal Allstars Series “Party Like Wow”  WAV SAMPLES-REX | 78 MB

represented as you ready to get hooked? Gear up for this brand new music making experience! For the first time ever you can now get your hands on a huge hit anthem with a massive vocal hook, broken down into all of its remixable parts such as vocal harmonies, drum beats, basslines, synth melodies and much, much more!

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International superstars such as Lady Gaga, Chris Brown, Beyoncé, Nicole Scherzinger, as well as Grammy nominated producers and BAFTA award winning engineers possess and dominate all used the infamous PL sound in their tracks – And now you can too!

Hi-jack this track and release it as your own – just hit the download button and get ready to roll!

What do I get?

– One fully-arranged and pre-mastered mix of the song
– All the audio tracks of the song as separate stems
– All song elements cut-up into ready-made, flexible loops
– Drum hits and samples included
– Professionally mastered hi-res 24bit audio files
– 100% Free all right, For your Productions license – release your mix commercially

featuring chronicle this:

– Bang up to date sounds, in tune with the charts
– Remix it, chop it up, re-arrange, mash it up & do whatever you want
– Easy and fun to use, Vocal Hooks at the push of a button
– Everything you need to create a huge chart anthem
– Drag & drop – take complete control of your productions
-If you’re an MC or Vocalist, add your verses over the beat inbetween the hooks to create an instant hit

We guarantee, you will absolutely love this! So what represented as you waiting for? The industry will never be the same again, join the “Vocal Allstars” revolution now.

• 39 Loops in Complete Song Kit
• Including Full Vocal Hook
• 14 Drum, Cymbal, Vocal & FX Hits
• 24 Bit Quality

PL Vocal Allstars Series “Party Like Wow”  WAV SAMPLES-REX–quot-Party-Like-Wow-quot—WAV SAMPLES-REX.html

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